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For months now, I have debated about leaving a review about Scott, or just moving on from this mess. I have decided I would rather let others know about the months of turmoil, IRS fees, MO state fees, headaches, and late-night texts and unprofessionalism my husband have had to endure due hiring on Scott for his accounting services for our small businesses. My husband and I are both self-employed. The first year we met with Scott for help with our businesses, everything seemed to be fine. We knew we didn’t understand much and we knew we needed professional expertise to get our businesses organized. The first year he filed our taxes we were past deadline. This meant we had to pay our first quarter AND personal at once. This put us behind, playing catch up all year. The end of the year, we realized when filing our next return, that many other things had not been done throughout the year. We expressed to him we did not want to be late filing again because of the bind we were in the entire year. He told us he would get us filed as one of his first clients. It is very difficult to work with Scott. The first year, I was all about trusting him as a professional to accomplish what we needed. Until we began to get several notices in the mail about unpaid balances. Working with him required constant reminders to even schedule days to discuss my business. Every time we would ask him a question on how to better move forward, his reply would always be “We will do that next time”, “Next quarter”, “Next year”, or “after this client”, all of which would never happen. Then began the unprofessionalism. When I would ask him questions regarding my business, he would make joke regarding my intelligence, or say, “Ugh. At this point I am just repeating myself. “ We met with him one night for the second time to finally(hopefully) file our returns. An hour in, he said “I will finish this later, it’s Friday.” Pulled out a mini bottle of wine, and asked us to drive him home because he was drinking and had been drinking all day. Weeks pass, and he texts me at 11:30pm asking me last minute questions to wrap up my return. This is 30 minutes before the deadline. He tells me they are complete and he will call me to discuss the next day. The next day comes, and I find out he did not file my taxes. I am late… AGAIN. Another year we must pay our return owed, our first quarter, AND his bill for his services all at once. I expressed my concern to him on the phone and he said, word for word, “Don’t worry about paying me. Pay me last.” This eased my worries thinking he had understood the predicament we were in and would be understanding. A week later he sends me 3 invoices for his services. I pay the smallest one amounting in around $455. He sends me a text telling me he will not do any of my first quarter work for my business until I pay in full. I told him I was unable to do so yet, and he told me he understood. About two nights pass, and he texts me, late at night around 9-10pm with multiple spelling errors, broken messages telling me I need to pay his invoice. I told him it had only been a few days and I intended to pay him but I had to go to work first to make more money. He did not seem to understand my messages and his responses got more unprofessional and slurred as the conversation continued. I eventually realized he may be drunk texting me and stopped replying to him, to which he replied, “At this point I deserve a thank you card. God damn”. By now, my husband and I agree we did not want to continue to work with this man. We agreed we would part ways after the first quarter. Yet AGAIN, I received another late payment message in the mail regarding my business. I call Scott and he told me he would look at it “later” and he is “expanding his business and needs invoices paid so he can buy a bigger space and desk and supplies”. Again, no reply or help. I had NEVER stiffed him for work and we were in a financial bind due to HIS incompetency. A few days later, we paid his invoice (minus fees he owed US) and told him we would not be continuing service with him. To get him to agree on a date and time for us to meet to pick up our papers was another task. He told his helper to lock his office door and not to give us our files until he got there. When my husband went back for the third time to collect our things, Scott was scrambling. It took him over and hour to find everything, and he was still not complete with filings he was supposed to do for my husbands S-CORP which he ALREADY BILLED us for. My husband allowed him to last minute finish the paperwork. Scott told us if we needed anything he would be happy to help and seemed to be apologetic while also passive aggressively blaming us for his role. Needless to say, it has been months. He has not returned any phone calls or messages regarding the help he so generously offered when it comes to transferring our taxes to another accountant or even finding out what he has or has not completed. I recently found out he has made ZERO payroll withholding payments or unemployment since October 2018 on my behalf like he claimed and I did not even have an account with the state of Missouri at all. Truthfully, we are unsure what he was doing with his time, or if he knows how to be a small business accountant at all. We are still suffering from the 2 years we spent with Scott and I would never recommend anyone to him. He is extremely unorganized, un-focused and unprofessional. I fear he may not have what it take to be self employed. Please do not make the same mistake we did.